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Real Estate

There is no substitute to seeing and touching. Janzer Real Estate has several different options for the customer to choose from. We currently have two different sample houses for you to walk through and view the space, different materials, and construction.

Option 1: Spec Home In Progress

Choose from one of our spec homes already in progress and make selections on items that haven’t already been predetermined .

Option 1A: Spec Home Not Started

You can choose from one of our available home designs and we will build that particular home on one of our available lots and make all your selections prior to them being determined for you. Such selections include flooring, granite countertops, carpeting, tile, fixtures, and many other options.

Option 2: Altered Spec Home

Choose from one of our available lots and We can alter one of our stock plans by changing the front elevation and interior design to best fit your needs. Some example alterations include adding an elevator, adding an additional bedroom, providing a mother-in-law suite, increasing the size of the back deck, adding a balcony, adding a roof top deck, if you can think of it, then we are up for the challenge to suit your needs.

Option 3: Design Build

Choose from one of our lots and we can build you a custom home just the way you want it. Whether we use an affiliated Janzer architect or your own personal architect.

Feel free to contact us, we believe communication is key and we love helping our clients choose a home solution that suits both their needs and their budget.