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Why Choose JHI?

Although there are many reasons why you should choose JHI for your construction needs, here are some of our top reasons why we think you would love to work with us as much as we would love to work with you:

We listen to our customers.
One thing we always value first and foremost is the fact that when we are building for you, you are our customer and we aim to satisfy. It all comes back to listening to the client, paying attention to the details, and that is exactly what we are here to do.

We make sure you love your end result.
Building a new home or undergoing a remodel or addition is a big deal both financially and otherwise. We want you to love the results of your new project no matter what it is and at JHI we make sure the plans and details reflect the final project you desire.

We finish our projects on time.
An important part of successful construction is the completion of a project within it’s scheduled time frame. At JHI we manage to reduce the time of project completion through stringent and proper scheduling in addition to ordering any specialty materials your project may require ahead of time as well as assisting our customers with any decision making they need help with. The result is we complete your project sooner getting you to the state of functionality as soon as possible.

Quality. We love it, so will you.

We know that you won’t always have the time to come out and check up on the progress of your project, especially if it is a new construction home. JHI will keep you in the loop and up to speed through weekly updates with digital photos of how things are looking. You can feel like you are part of the process without even being there.